Hello, my name is Joe Plivelic and I am the owner of JDP INC. I started in the construction trade two weeks out of high school in 1987. I was a laborer on a remodeling crew in Wilkinsburg, PA. Over the next 8 years I worked for several contractors each one giving me more and more experience. In 1995 a contractor from Pittsburgh gave me the opportunity to become a framing subcontractor. I used that as stepping stone to become a general contractor. I have spent the last 22 years sharpening my contracting skills. My company is precision versatile and we hit deadlines. We will take on small and large commercial and residential jobs, please give us a chance to discuss your construction needs no matter what they may be.

Thank you,
Joe Plivelic
President and founder of JDP INC

Indiana Design and Build Contractor

Located in Indiana, Pennsylvania – JDP Construction, Inc. is your premiere contractor for both new construction and remodeling. Our motto describes everything you need to know about us: “We are the Seal Team 6 of construction”. We get in, we get the job done right, and we get out. We don’t leave things unfinished, we don’t cut corners, and we don’t compromise quality for anything. Our number one goal is to leave you feeling confident that the work was done correctly, and satisfied with the end result.