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Located in Indiana, Pennsylvania – JDP Construction, Inc. is your premiere contractor for both new construction and remodeling. Our motto describes everything you need to know about us: “We are the Seal Team 6 of construction”. We get in, we get the job done right, and we get out. We don’t leave things unfinished, we don’t cut corners, and we don’t compromise quality for anything. Our number one goal is to leave you feeling confident that the work was done correctly, and satisfied with the end result.

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We get in, get the job done right and get out.

Our motto is Get in, get the job done right and get out. We don’t cut corners or leave things unfinished. We know you will be completely satisfied with out work.

Our Services


Our team specializes in residential construction. From new home construction, remodeling or additions to an existing structure we'll get you the home of your dreams.


Known in the area for our commercial work, we deliver a unique experience to you. Design a space that is perfectly suited to your business.


JDP Construction has a team fit to do any job. Our crew is experienced in providing technical aspects needed for each job.